Aims & Objectives

The aim and objectives for which the Federation is formed are as under:

To form a common meeting place of the members in  order to identify their various identical problems and providing remedial measures thereof to solve difficulties being encountered by them.

To collect from various sources and disseminate among members, the authentic information on Export/ Import Policy, Industrial Licensing Policy, Customs Duty, Central Excise Duty Drawback etc. by circularizing copies of Notification and  Amendments of various concerning Acts and Rules as and when issued by respective authorities.

To represent, approach and contact Local Administration, the State Government the Central Government and other Bodies for the purpose of seeking their help, co-operation and assistance in various matters e.g. Technical Concession etc. concerned with the Handicraft Industry/ Exporters.

To extend all sorts of help to the members except that may tantamount to any trading activity by the Federation.

To arrange seminars, lectures etc. for the promotion of Handicrafts Export.

To undertake promotional and developmental activities for the members.

To collect and spend funds by way of Membership Fee/ Donation/ Special Subscription/ Contribution for furtherance of the cause of the members without involving in their trading activities.

To get itself affiliated to any other Local/ State/ National Body, if considered necessary.

To represent the federation to any Govt. or Local Authority or any other Bodies that may seem conducive to the work of Federation.

To organise ONE-OF-IT'S-OWN-KIND TRADE FAIR  "FORHEX Fair" (since 2009), for the development of the handicraft & textile industry benefiting the artisans and uplifting the art and craft of Rajasthan.

The Federation works as a non trading organization.