Usta Kaam – Gesso painting
Usta Kaam – Gesso painting The craft derives its name from its makers, the Usta, a community of craftsmen who migrated from Multan in Pakistan to the mughal court at Delhi and later, on being invited by Raja Rai singh, to Bikaner. Gesso...
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Crafts of Rajasthan - Votive Terracotta of Molela
Votive Terracotta of Molela (Rajsamand District)
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Crafts of Rajasthan - Damascening (Koftgari)
Crafts of Rajasthan - Damascening (Koftgari) The art of damascening was bought in India by Persian craftsmen after Mughal ruler’s invasion in 16th century. Furthermore, the patronages of Rajasthan Kings made this art flourish in...
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