FORHEX- Over the Years

Those that are craftsmen of the people are welcome all over the wide earth. With this spirit, The Federation of Rajasthan Handicrafts Exporters (FORHEX) has spread the magic of arts and crafts all over the nation with their enthralling fairs each year. With a decade of experience, the team has set a strong foot and has firmly forged strength, enthusiasm and motivation to achieve their goals and objectives. Their vision of “One United Team” keeps them rooted and striving for excellence and strength. They aim to curate and proliferate through FORHEX, craftsmanship and brilliance in our ideas, products, services, trade, policies, market and overall infrastructure.

The current agenda of the federation is to create an environment with greater synergy levels and also to work seamlessly with government bodies and traders. FORHEX plans to pave the way for infrastructural development for Handicrafts in the state of Rajasthan. Alongside this, the federation plans to hold and conduct programs in the arena of designing, trade to gain better insights about the resources used and to explore novel and latent flairs. Personal development programs and group activities are also planned for the near future.

To keep up with the changing scenarios, FORHEX Secretariat is also developing an invasive databank for providing all sorts of information on local and international designers, domestic and international trade fairs as well as information pertaining to varied industries to its members. Establishment of a Product Development Centre with exceptional technology and human resources is foreseen for emancipating the field of research and development of the handicraft industry.

As every organization is bound to some social obligations commonly known as Company Social Responsibilities, The Federation of Rajasthan Handicrafts Exporters has also laid some concrete proposals for execution of social work in the sector of arts and handicraft. These proposals will also see a prominent involvement of children and spouses of the members. FORHEX aims to render services to traders and exporters to have a common meeting place for discussing issues and to resolve and find remedial measures for the same. They also aim to gather the necessary information regarding policies, acts, licensures etc. to provide completely transparent and authentic information to the people involved.