Public Notice No. 29/2011 - All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2011-12 - reg.

Public Notice No. 28/2011 - Customs - permission to operate Bonded trucking services for Air Import Cargo between Air Cargo Complex, Sanganer, Jaipur and Delhi IGIA Air Cargo Complex, Ludhiana ICD, Amritsar Airport, Chandigarh ICD, Kota ICD, Jodhpur ICD, Kanpur ICD, Lucknow International Airport by Road - M/s TCI Global - reg.

Public Notice No. 27/2011 - Re-Export of goods imported under reward schemes and DEPB - Re-credit of duty - reg.

Facility Notice No 03/2011 - Verification of origin in case of goods imported under Free/ Preferential Trade Agreement - Reg.