Uplifting Rajasthan’s Handicraft Culture with FORHEX Fair

Rajasthan’s handicraft has come a long way since inception and is mounting well in the domestic market. The need was to have a more insistent implementation for the culture to be prevalent in other markets as well, which led to the conceptualization of Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters in the year 2001. This was created to bridge the gap between various concerning aspects like Handicraft Exporter, Government and related institutions so as to create an enriched approach towards more prosperous future of this industry.

The success of the FORHEX initiative can be evaluated by the fact that it has received appreciation and recognition from big name organizations, national as well as international, like CBI - CENTRE FOR PROMOTION OF IMPORTS FROM DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, Netherland Govt. agency and is also affiliated to the extension counter of EPCH - EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL OF HANDICRAFTS, New Delhi.

They came up with an innovative idea to further deepen the connection of community with a great heritage of the country in the form of FORHEX FAIR. It started as a cumulative effort of dedicated people working towards the betterment of this art and craftsmanship. The fair has display setups for various types of handicrafts, textiles, handmade paper articles in the exhibited stalls which are the marks of rich cultural heritage. It gives a pedestal to numerous exporters to showcase their exclusive craftsmanship and other enthusiasts an opening to experience the same quintessence.

From exotic furniture to gorgeous state of art jewelry and decorative items, the FORHEX Fair is known to behold the necessary elements to elevate the state of handicraft culture in India as well as abroad. This year they are initiating this venture in the city of Bangalore, where you will be able to witness and admire the exotic beauty of one of the best artisanship in the country.

The aim which they wish to achieve with FORHEX Fair is to provide best possible business prospect to the upcoming individuals of this sector along with providing extensive showcase of wide range of craftsmanship and textiles and responsive retail area for products made by the local community of talented artisans, various craft & design institutes and the exporters.